We are not about general consulting & vague solutions.

We deploy our intelligence gathering network, targeted for each project

to provide our clients the most relevant information specific to their needs.

How we do it

Our unique strength lies in the combined skills and global networking of our core teams - analysts & operational staff. The value we bring to our clients is first and foremost our ability to deploy and put into action a focused, specific work plan for each and every project, tailoring a complete solution to the client’s unique requirements.

Specific Advice & Recommendations

We make clear, bold, well explained, solidly documented and informed recommendations, based on our comprehensive risk assessment and risk management. We let the client make the final decision on a project,  based on those recommendations.

Standards and principles

We have engaged in a wide variety of risk assessment and risk management projects worldwide during the 12 years since our inception. We highly respect the confidentiality of our clients, therefore we are not free to present details of specific projects.

Worldwide Reach

As a general illustration, we are proud to say that our clients and projects have taken us to south Asia and Southeast Asia, where we were engaged in numerous high level integrity due diligence, risk management of big projects, and political & security evaluations. In the same manner we were and are active in other areas of the globe.

Our clients

Big corporations, medium and small size companies, as well as individual entrepreneurs, value our work, and many of them are return clients who have worked with us for over ten years.

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