Our management and team are passionate and professional about their work, and apply the highest ethical standards to each project. We utilize our skills, methods, international connections and long experience in every project we carry out, acting strictly within the boundaries of international and domestic laws.


Oded Ramot
Founder & President

Heads all OLR projects and operations worldwide. Born in Israel, Oded is a Middle East, Asia and international affairs’ intelligence expert. Until 2004, Oded had a 30 year long career in the Israeli Prime Minister’s office, in the field of special political relations with countries in Asia and Africa. In this capacity, Oded served for 15 years as a senior diplomat in Turkey, Singapore, and Japan.

Lucy Ramot
Founder & CEO

Responsible for strategic business development and “product management” of OLR. Lucy is a specialist in educational programs. She is a graduate (with honors) of Bar Ilan University Education Management program. Prior to the establishment of OLR, Lucy worked for the Israeli government’s procurement project in Asia.

Operational Team

Yitzhak Shadar
Head of the team

Following 26 years of service in the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office security service, in roles of senior command, operations, field and headquarters, Yatchko was appointed by a special Parliamentary committee as "Sergeant at Arms" of the ‘Knesset’ (Israeli Parliament) in 2000, and as such, Yatchko was exclusively responsible for the overall security of the highest and most important State institution in Israel. Yatchko held this position for ten years, and since 2010 he is an independent consultant and a member of the OLR team.

Erez Hareli
Special Advisor, Team Manager

L. Colonel in the Israeli navy who has recently retired from active service. Erez had a highly distinguished military career, including high-level command positions in the Navy Seals (second in command 2012-2014). Erez’s military experience provided opportunities for the development and utilization of increasingly sophisticated management and decision-making skills, expertise in counter-terrorism and homeland security.

Ilan Rozenfeld
Special Advisor, Team Manager

With over 35 years experience in the military & security field. Ilan was a senior officer in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and retired in 1999 as L. Colonel in the Israeli Special Forces. Since his retirement from the IDF, Ilan leads and manages security projects worldwide, in the private as well as public sectors, where he channels his vast knowledge & experience into security projects he leads.

Analytical Group

OLR’s team of analysts is comprised of six highly experienced stuff members, each in different fields, working as senior intelligence analysts for the Israeli government, and for international research firms before joining OLR. Our team has extensive international connections and sources covering a wide range of subjects and requirements.

Yoav Ramot
Head of OLR Japan

Attorney at law, leads OLR representation in Japan. Yoav is a commercial lawyer and IT specialist, fluent in the Japanese language. Yoav is responsible for OLR business development in Japan and for maintaining day-to-day contacts with our clients.

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